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Sarcastic post of the week.

You know what’s awesome?

When you click the link that says “Go here to renew your work stuff, so that you can work” and it takes you to a place with no instructions.  And then, when you look around for those directions, they are no where to be found.  So you can’t reapply, which means you are not working even more, which means you aren’t making any money, which means you’re super poor and can’t afford to buy anything.  Which is actually okay, because it isn’t like you have to buy gas or anything, because you have no where to go, because you don’t have a job!

Know what else is awesome?

When you’re trying to work on grad school applications and the stupid website keeps linking you back to the opening page and it won’t let you log in, and then when you try to reset your password and get in that way it still doesn’t work.  So the most important school in your field is revolting against you.

This is me being done with the Internets for the day.




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